What is the future of ridesharing?
What does the future look like in terms of mobility and ridesharing? We created 'Crewser', a digital platform that allows people to rideshare by matching them based on a common events.
Drivers of engagement with peer-to-peer ridesharing go beyond functional reasons. Connecting with others brings up an emotional dimension to the riding experience. We found out that such a connection happens when there are shared experiences and that is what "Crewser" facilitates.
This finding guided the value proposition behind the execution which consisted of enabling people with similar interests to connect whilst riding together, allowing them to experience riding at its fullest.
Because our research process was iterative we went back and forth between the findings and insights from our immersions and extreme interviews. This process only really ended prior to prototyping. We started focusing on commutes people do in their daily lives, such as going to work, or going to gym, etc. because that is where they seemed to currently use their cars, and where the competitors focus is, but as we dag further in our research, it became apparent to us that the reasons why people commute and rideshare go beyond functionality. The reasons are connected to their experience of freedom, flexibility and having enough time to do what they need to and want to do: Going where they want to when they want to.
At first glance and according to a report on the state of the sharing economy in Europe we found that the main reason people mention is saving and making money, when people share there is an exchange, something they share in common- whether that is a place, an interest or the experience itself. They are interested in making and saving money but in a way that works for them, and doesn't inconvenience them.
The trend of people buying fewer cars and participating actively in a sharing economy showed us that there was an opportunity for us to
explore why they would want to rideshare.
Designed at Hyper Island Manchester
My Role: Designer/Researcher