Connect people in a disconnected academic world
Let's face it: The academic world has a problem. The academic publishing model is complex and has not changed in the past 300 years of its existence. In contrast, digital technologies have pushed trends like the sharing economy, peer recommendation and the open access movement challenges the current model. Emerald publishing asked us for a solution to this problem.
What does the next generation of users want from an academic publisher like Emerald, and how can we create value for them?
After primary research, online surveys, expert interviews with PhD students, lecturers and researchers we gained qualitative insights. This work leads us to four opportunity areas which formed the target group of first-time authors and early career researchers which are currently 52% of the Emerald users.
How can we fix the problem? People over disciplines: Research is about people coming together based on common interest and leaving academic silos or institutions behind. Discover other researchers who do research in similar topics opens up the possibility to share knowledge and feel connected. This transforms Emerald from a content to a platform provider that links users and help them build a reputation outside of the traditional academic system.
Academia is hard, publishing should not be. Help users to publish in an easy way by providing guidance.
We proposed a lean startup model that runs beside and reduces risk. The reward for Emerald is in the new understanding of its role. The platform generates data on how users interact and which research topics are currently researched.
Designed at Hyper Island Manchester
My Role: Researcher