Taking the lead together
After a takeover by an Indian competitor, the over 100 years old Swiss real estate developer and construction company Steiner, needed a new internal and external identity to fit today's client and market needs. Therefore, several workshops with employees, the management and past and future clients were conducted to get insights and an understanding of future opportunities.
A new brand platform combines the heritage with new elements: The over 70 years old iconic and constructive Swiss logo was just slightly adapted to fit digital needs. A new design element, called the ribbon, was introduced to visualise the connections between the different contractors. The font reflects the constructive approach of the business and is contrasted with an emotional color palette which has become a key differentiator in the market to the competitors.
After two years of close collaboration with the client and many projects the new brand has shown its strength internally and externally.
Designed at MetaDesign Zurich
My Role: Lead Designer
Award: REBRAND Recognition