How do you move yellow
The Swiss Post is one of the big employers in Switzerland with over 60'000 employees and well known for its postal services. But the hunt for the best employees it not always easy because people don't know how divers the job offers are.
Realised in five weeks from concept to final delivery, the site lives with the content and interactions from the users and has created a momentum inside the company.
An internal campaign raised the awareness for the microsite. We created a microsite where employees can share their stories in pictures, words and videos about how they move yellow in their everyday working life. Each month a the post with the most likes wins a prize and is announced on the microsite.
The user generated content will then later be used for internal and external campaigns. Real stories from real employees that share honest stories.
Designed at MetaDesign Zurich
My Role: Designer
Developer: Dream Productions
Award: Human Resources Excellence Awards Winner